If you enjoy playing Domino Qiu Qui and would love to be able to gamble on the game, you will first need to know how that works.

After all, while Domino Qiu Qui has become a popular gambling game, it is still quite new to most people.

Offline gambling — As Domino Qiu Qui is primarily only played offline in Indonesia, it is difficult to be able to gamble on it offline. Unless, of course, you set up games and play with your friends.

Gambling offline on Domino Qiu Qui in Indonesia is also illegal, as is all gambling in the country. That means heading to Indonesia to bet on it is not a recommended thing to do.

That being said, Domino Qiu Qui is related to the Chinese game pai gow, which is very similar in the way it is played. Pai gow can be gambled on offline at casinos in the U.S., China, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Gambling on Domino Qiu Qui online — With Domino Qiu Qui not being a popular game offline when it comes to gambling, that is why most players now bet on the game online.

This can be done at one of a number of online casinos offering Domino Qiu Qiu Online. As these are growing in number every month, it is also becoming easier to gamble on the game.

Many of the online casinos currently offering Domino Qiu Qui are Indonesian-owned. Some do have English language mirrors of their site, however, so it is just as accessible for non-Indonesian speakers as those who grew up speaking the language.

How does gambling on Domino Qiu Qui work? — The game is set up very much like poker.

It starts with each player putting a fixed bet into a pot. Each person is then dealt three dominoes, which are given to them face down. The players assess their dominoes to see if they can form any of the ranked hands that could help them win.

The game itself begins with each player deciding to bet, call, raise or fold depending on the dominoes they hold in their hand. Each player makes his decision until every person has made his move.

If only one person bets, the game ends there and the money in the pot is given to the winner. If more than one person bets, there is a second round and the gameplay repeats the same actions of the first round.

Gambling in the second round is different, however, as it is usually possible to bet a higher amount.

At the end of the second round, cards are exposed and the winner is declared. This will either be due to having a hand of ranked cards or, if nobody has this, being the person holding the highest card.