There are a number of excellent tips every novice online blackjack player should follow. These tips not only enable you to become more comfortable playing the game, they also improve your chances of winning at it.


Learn the rules — While this may seem like common sense, you may be surprised at how many people play online blackjack without really understanding the basic rules.


Find a website that goes through everything you need to know to play blackjack well, and read all of it. That should give you enough knowledge to start playing well right from the beginning.


Be strict with your bankroll — It does not matter how good you are at playing the game if you run out of money to gamble on it too quickly.


This is why establishing a bankroll, and then being strict about the number and size of your wagers is vital if you want to play for the long-term.


Wager with the vow you will not spend more than 2% of your bankroll on each wager, and you should have enough money to gamble long-term.


Know when to quit — Too many people start gambling on online blackjack and enjoy it so much, they do not know when to quit.


The usual rule of thumb for quitting is stop when you are in the middle of a losing streak, or when you have spent the money you have set aside for that day. Never keep going when either of these things occur, and you will be around to gamble again another day.


Never drink alcohol when gambling — Too many novice players get into the spirit of the online casino, and gamble while having a few drinks. Alcohol and gambling do not mix, which is why most Chinese gamblers do not drink when they are playing.


Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment, and makes you place bets you would not otherwise have placed. Stay away from alcohol until you have finished playing for the day, however, and your decisions throughout every blackjack game will usually be much better ones.


Start out at lower stakes games — While you may be confident about playing in higher stakes blackjack games right from the beginning, it is not usually a good idea to start out there.


Start in lower stakes games instead, as that will give you a chance to become familiar with the online casino’s platform (see kasino online) and to be comfortable playing on it.


Just a few hours playing in lower stakes games will give you more self-confidence, and enable you to decide if you should move up or if you are better remaining at the lower levels for now.


Remember, it is not only about winning when playing online blackjack. It is also about planning a strategy that is going to serve you well in the long-term, and then to continue playing within that strategy over a long period of time.