Getting started gambling on online slots like agen IDN slot is a little bit daunting. This is especially true if you have never played the slot machines in an offline casino either.

Do not worry though as, if you follow just a few simple rules, it is very simple to learn how to play and just as simple to maximize your chances of winning.


Casinos with bonuses — Never sign up with a casino that does not offer a cash bonus for newly registering customers. These bonuses are often a hundred dollars or more and give you free money to gamble with.

You can also find out if the casino offering a registration bonus offers a loyalty bonus as well. Loyalty bonuses are yet more free cash that are paid out to customers that gamble on the online platform often.


Take advantage of free slot machines — Almost every online casino offers free slot machines you can play on for as long as you like.

Of course, they do not give you free money if you win, but they do allow you to learn how that online casino works and give you a chance to test out any slot machine before you spend money on it.


Most smart online gamblers will spend at least an hour on the free slot machines when they first sign up. That way, by the time they begin to spend their own money on the slots, they already know how they work and are ready to win big.


Bet on every win line every time — While it will shorten the amount of time you can gamble, as you will spend your money much faster, betting on every win line is the smart decision if you want to maximize your win chances.

This is because most slot machines have at least 20 win lines and, in order to win the jackpot, you must have bet on all of them.

As every win line also has the potential to offer you a small win with every spin, bet on each one every time.


Stick with lower level machines — While some gamblers will tell you to bet on high bet machines as they offer the biggest payouts, they will also cause you to spend your betting money the fastest.

That is why, when you are first starting out, it makes more sense to stick with lower bet machines and bet on every win line.


Avoid video reel machines — Finally, do not play on video reel machines as they always have a much lower rate of payout and usually pay out lower amounts as well.

Instead, stick with the fixed machines and you will have a bigger chance of winning.