With the Euro 2020 football tournament coming up, many serious gamblers are already beginning to look into the teams that are likely to do well.


After all, this tournament features some of the world’s best football players and, if you are able to place the right bets (on sites like 메이저놀이터), winnings can be huge.


When betting on Euro 2020 matches however, there are some bets you should definitely avoid. Particularly if you believe what some of the current football experts believe.


Avoid placing early bets — If you have limited money to spend on bets on Euro 2020, avoid placing bets during the first half of Euro 2020.


Instead, spend these two weeks watching every match and assessing each team’s chances of winning. This kind of in-depth research will hold you in good stead as the tournament heads into the latter half. It will also help you eliminate teams you may have bet on before you saw them play.


Avoid placing bets on England and France — While both England and France are thought to be in the favorites group to win by some experts, many others believe both teams are overrated this year.


Talk online is about each team not having the caliber of players they usually have in events like Euro 2020 and so, unless there are some surprises in store, England and France may be countries well avoided when it comes to placing bets.


This is still true when you take into consideration France are the defending world champions.


Teams that do not play well home or away — Before you place any bets on teams in Euro 2020, be sure to research how well each team has done in the past in both home and away games.


With Euro 2020 being played in 12 countries this year for the first time, a team that plays better home or away could help you win or lose a bet depending on where they are playing.


As long as you know how well each team generally does both home and away before you place the bet.


Avoid placing bets through certain bookmakers — It is not just certain teams you should avoid betting on during Euro 2020, it is also placing bets through certain bookmakers.


Be sure to place bets through several of them during the tournament as, just like during any other football match, some offer better odds than others. Some bookmakers are also less reputable than others, so you want to be sure you avoid placing bets through them.


Do your research on bookmakers as well as on teams before the tournament kicks off, and the outcome of the bets you do place is likely to be much better.